Mader Energy is your experienced equipment maintenance partner in the oil, gas, and energy sectors. Maintaining production equipment across all stages of the value chain, our field service technicians are safe, efficient, and effective in simplifying equipment maintenance and maximizing your production outputs.

We offer a one-stop shop of services to keep equipment running at peak performance. We deploy highly skilled and dynamic employees throughout the significant oil, gas, and energy regions of Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. A feat only made possible through attracting and retaining the best workforce.


We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients whilst providing top-quality maintenance, a great workplace for our people and enhanced returns to our investors.


We will continue to grow and build our reputation as top-quality providers of natural gas equipment and compression maintenance in the energy industry.
With a business model built on passion, knowledge and commitment to the industry, every decision made with clients, employees and shareholders in mind

Our Values

Central to all of our operations and decision-making, our core values drive us to achieve project objectives with outstanding customer service


We make it our priority to ensure we do everything in our power to keep ourselves and those around us safe.


We are stronger together. Comradery echoes loudly throughout our business. We learn together, we succeed together, we grow together.


We think differently, we think bigger, we encourage new ideas and continuously adapt to industry evolution and change.


Driven to succeed, we are mechanically minded and solution focused. We take pride in our unique blend of passion, experience and industry know-how.


Our culture is the foundation of our business. We continue to cultivate a nurturing, transparent and mutually respectful workplace.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards, constantly keeping ourselves and each other accountable.


Luke Mader


Justin Nuich

CEO and Executive Director

Paul Hegarty

Chief Financial Officer

John Greville

Chief Operating Officer - USA

Patrick Conway

Executive Director and Director Emerging Businesses